Ivy Tech Turns 2!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. For Ivy Tech, that step was 2 years or 730 days ago. Looking back on our journey, we are so proud of everything we have achieved. Every day, we stepped up and delivered to the best of our ability, even when our homes were being ripped out from under our feet.

Ivy Tech has its people to thank for being 2 years old today. As we celebrate this milestone, we are so proud of our people, who have been the cornerstone of everything we have delivered up until now. The individuality our team brings is something we are grateful for every day.

Today, we take a breath, look back and remember the path we paved to be where we are now. The time seems to have disappeared, yet in some instances in Ukraine, it seemed like it stood still with all the turmoil faced by the Ukrainian people.

Even though it seems hard to pull forward positivity, we have remained positive and created opportunities for ourselves and the brand we represent. To mark this two-year occasion, we have considered many options for what we want to do. In honour of our two-year anniversary, Ivy Tech has decided to donate 2,000 US Dollars to an orphanage in Ukraine. We are committed to upholding our brand’s core values, centred around uplifting the Ukrainian community and celebrating those who create positive change for the people of Ukraine—values that resonate deeply with each and every one of us.

Ukraine is our home and our birthplace, a country very close to our hearts and the cornerstone of our identity. With that said, we want to make sure what we do stays true to the country that gave this company life. We are grateful for our remarkable team, whose unwavering dedication fuels the essence of our brand.

Ivy Tech – We move forward, and we move together. Happy 2nd Anniversary!

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