The story behind ivy tech

How it all began, what we’re doing today and where it’s going.

How it all began

Ivy tech, here to make an impact.

When serial entrepreneur Rob built his first Fintech company, he went on to recruit his development team in Ukraine for them to develop the MVP of his product. The deep technical skills, problem solving abilities, product ownership and general work ethic of the developers were outstanding. Seeing how the booming IT industry was changing Ukraine for the better, gave Rob extra motivation to put his product roots down in Ukraine and invest intentionally. 

Rob’s Startup friends saw his success with the Eastern European team and started knocking on his door, to find software talent for their businesses also – ivy tech was born! A permanent office in Kharkiv was established, an office manager was hired and just with a hand full of developers the journey began. Clients from the US, Australia and UK started partnering with ivy tech for their tech teams.

While Rob went on to focus in his Fintech company, his wife Carmen stepped in in 2019 as the CEO of the company, taking ivy tech to the next level it deserved. Carmen’s background is in Startups, team management, business operations and sales and her vision for ivy tech is to be Ukraine’s best employer, a pillar in the IT community and a force for good.

In mid 2022 ivy tech expanded into Poland and is now hiring and employing in the polish market with the same ambitions. 

the here and now

Our Mission

We exist to provide a unique service experience for our clients and employees by blending the best of Western and Eastern European talent, skill and culture. This way, we create ambitious results and authentic relationships together.

Our values

What we stand for

We put people in the centre of everything we do.

Our goal is to see everyone flourish as a consequence of working with us. We treat one another with kindness and respect. Our attitude of confident yet servant leadership makes us a cornerstone with our teams and in the broader IT community.

We live and breathe customer service

Serving our clients with focus and integrity gives us the greatest pride. As a committed partner, we listen to our clients and develop smart service solutions to deliver excellent results every time.

We’re building the future

We are passionate about digital innovation and proud to partner with some of the world’s most progressive visionaries. The future is bright and we want to make a lasting impact in the lives of our clients, staff and local community.