Ribbon Health onboarded their first junior Web scraper in 2020 in support of their local engineering team in New York. Today, the Ribbon Health team boasts 6 full-time engineers, including senior Python developers and data analysts, who are committed to Ribbon’s success.

Success Case

From a loyal, junior Web scraper to a team of 6 full-time developers




Data analyses, web scraping and Python


New York, US

The Client

Ribbon Health builds infrastructure to transform billions of care decisions. The data platform fuels healthcare enterprises with actionable provider information, including insurance coverage, prices and performance.


In 2020, Ivy Tech brought in a junior Web Scraper, a role Ribbon Health necessarily needed to fill at low cost. In this humble role, that initial team member demonstrated such loyalty, professionalism and eagerness that since then, the Ivy Tech dev team has grown to 6 full-time people, including Data Analysts, Web Scrapers and Python Developers, serving Ribbon Health daily with enthusiasm and outstanding skill.


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Ribbon Today

Ribbon Health is a Series B-funded US-based Health Tech Company and has been awarded as “Best Health Information Exchange Solution“ in 2023.

The Challenge

In 2020 Ribbon’s CTO and co-founder approached us with a need for support in their web scraping department at a time when their local engineering team was extremely stretched. Due to COVID-19, Ribbon has started moving to a remote working model, which meant they were entertaining the thought of a remote team partner.

Hiring web scrapers locally in the East Coast US would be unnecessarily expensive since this is a humble role that doesn’t require too much interaction with other devs and can be done outside of local working hours. Yet the web scraper role is key to our client’s success who works with sensitive health data, and the hiring market must be one where engineers work with precision and care.

Client Since

The Solution

Upon Ribbon’s hiring instruction, Ivy’s recruitment team presented a number of outstanding candidates, of which one candidate stood out: a junior developer, motivated and enthusiastic with web scraping, as well as Python experience.


Our initial hire made a wonderful impression, threw himself into the Ribbon Health product and delivered outstanding results. This resulted in deep trust in Ivy’s hiring capabilities and understanding of client’s needs and led to a further team expansion.

Post Ribbon’s Series-B in late 2021, the hiring demands increased, and Ivy has since onboarded a further four Python engineers and two Data Engineers and Analysts to the team.

The Result

Thanks to Ivy’s and Ribbon’s long-term relationship, we understand our client’s needs, culture and hiring strategy deeply, and we have been able to increase hiring speed with every hire. The most recent placement (a mid-level Python engineer) was onboarded within 7 days of the client’s brief and came in with $600 under the client’s monthly budget.

We have experienced loyalty and enthusiasm within the Ribbon Health developer team, and it is with gratitude that we are looking forward to many more years supporting Ribbon Health with their remote team curation.

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