Dedicated and experienced Software professionals covering all tech stacks

We provide full time, dedicated and motivated software developers to work exclusively as part of your team. Whether you just need one person to compliment your existing group or a bespoke team to work on your behalf, we are ready to provide the right person to you.


All software engineers are recruited by our experienced in-house recruitment team based on your brief. We only engage with engineers that have proven education and experience in their field of expertise and are a good cultural fit for your business and our local offices.


All candidates undergo a tried and tested recruitment process that includes multiple interviews with our recruiters including a technical and communication assessment. Based on our recruitment results, we will send you resumes of those candidates we feel confident will deliver value. You then have the chance to interview the candidates via video call and make an informed hiring choice.



Moving forward HR, office facilities and equipment is provided by us and the technical leadership of the team by you. Our project managers will support the process. Clients are provided with the best ‘all-inclusive’ talent and pay a single monthly invoice for their team members.

.NET‚ C#

iOS and Android


JavaScript (React‚ React Native‚ Angular‚ Node.JS)

PHP‚ HTML‚ CSS‚ SQL‚ WordPress


Ruby on Rails

UI/UX Design

service offering

All of the role placements include

Guaranteed dedicated and fulltime resource availability

Dedicated client account management

Ongoing recruitment support for future hires

Cultural investment and professional development for each team member

Secure and modern office facilities

All employee overheads such as tax, pension, insurance, HR support