Virtual Designers

Design for Apps, websites, software and platforms on an as need basis

Our trusted design partners are the perfect fit for short term projects, such as website, feature, brochure or software design. With the best user experience at the forefront of their minds, our designers will deliver visually appealing digital assets as needed.


Our designers have proven themselves to grasp concepts quickly and to create prototypes in collaboration with our developers for a quick and reliable build.


Designers can be hired on a part time or per project base, depending on their availability. Please enquire with us for further details and to see a portfolio of their work.


Digital collateral


Software and systems


service offering

All of the role placements include

Ivy Tech supervises all of our workers

Guaranteed dedicated and fulltime resource availability

Dedicated client account management

Ongoing recruitment support for all future hires

Cultural investment and professional development for each team member

Secure and modern office facilities

All employee overheads such as tax, pension, insurance, HR support